About GPS

Who we are


Gama Parto Sanat (Ltd.) is an independent mining consulting company, providing services exclusively to the mining industry from primary studies to exploration, evaluation development, operations, and corporate advice. We work with our clients to plan new mines or improve the operations of existing mines, with a primary focus on achieving optimum output and return.

-Technical Advisor and Project Management

-Mine Planning and Project Scheduling

-Exploration and Drilling Strategy

-Resources and Reserves Estimation

-Geophysics and Geochemistry

-Investment in Mining Plans

Mission and vision

 Our business activities focus on the exploration, exploitation and  processing of mining materials. Our mission is to continue working as  the preferred solutions provider of mining in Iran on the basis of the 

enduring quality, efficiency and completeness of our services.

Another objective we pursue is to supply our clients with excellent  services along their common path with Gama Parto Sanat. We aim to provide outstanding services.

Mission statement

Provide mineral products and mineral industries and increase the added value of production materials and satisfy consumers by relying on motivated and innovative employees that create potential mines potential and actually increase the value of raw minerals and supply of primary minerals for domestic consumers. And foreign related industries.