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Providing mining services with the highest level of quality and standard


Exploration of mineral resources (metallic – non – metallic)


Import and export of minerals from European and Asian countries


Exploration of mineral resources (metallic – non – metallic)


Business activities (investment and investment at domestic and international level)


Mineral processing (upgrading and extraction)

Building stone

The building stone department of Gama Mineral Group is always trying to help the building stone mines.

Research and Development

Supporting innovation, creating new business opportunities

Increased competitiveness and survival motivation have led many organizations to focus their activities on core products and core competencies.

To increase and motivate requires investment in research and technological innovations. Research in organizations is done to support innovation, and research and development activities should create new business opportunities or transform the current business of the organization.

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Gamma Parto Sanat Mining Company, extensive activity in the field of mines in Iran


Gamma Parto Sanat Mining Company was established in 2008 and since then has continued its activities in the field of mines in Iran. Gamma Parto Sanat Mining Company was established in 2008 and since then has been operating extensively. It has continued in the field of Iranian mines. Relying on experienced personnel, this company tries to compete with the top companies in the country in order to improve the mining conditions in the country and increase the standard level of mining methods. Gamaportosanat Company in the field of mining exploration is able to perform scientific and detailed studies from telemetry and geology to stock estimation and with experience in metal and non-metal mines in most of the potential provinces of the country has a golden leaf of mining experience in its brilliant record.

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